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Tooth Extraction. The how, when and why.

Updated: Aug 21, 2023

Gaining Insight on Losing a Tooth.

You’ve been told that you need a tooth extracted, now what? From extraction to replacement, Pax Dental has your back!

So. Many. Questions.

Losing a tooth is emotional. It can affect your ability to eat your favorite foods easily, how your teeth align, and how you feel about your smile. The process of getting a tooth extracted is usually partnered with fear and uncertainty. How long will the recovery process be? Do I need a driver? What if I want to replace that tooth in the future? In a time of questions and decision-making, we are here to partner with you. From estimated cost, recovery, and replacement, and everything in between, Pax is ready to walk with you.

I need a tooth to be taken out, now what?

If you have just been told that you need to have a tooth extracted, your first question is probably along the lines of what the out-of-pocket cost to you would be. This is a very different answer from patient to patient. After the tooth is recommended to be extracted, and one of our doctor’s confirms that it can be done in the office and not referred to a specialist, our business team can help crunch the numbers with you to give our best estimate of your responsibility after insurance. This all depends on the insurance plan, and what your policy specifically states for oral surgery coverage guidelines. If you are a self-pay patient who has become a member of our Pax Dental Membership Plan, the answer is simple, you receive a 20% on your extraction with us every time.

To Refer or Not Refer

Now, you may be asking why you would not be able to have your tooth extracted here, and the answer once again is, there’s no “one-size fits all” when it comes to each individual patient’s needs. Dr. Neal sees all extraction cases, and she reviews each person’s medical history, x-rays and charting to determine his or her best option for extraction, referral or with her. A person may also request to be put under sedation for the procedure. If this is the case, a referral will be given to a trusted oral surgeon for you to call and make an appointment at their office.

What’s so funny?

While our office does not offer twilight sedation, or IV sedation for oral surgery procedures, our dentists can provide nitrous oxide (laughing gas) for your appointment. This service is a great option for anxious children and adults, and may allow you to breathe a little easier throughout the procedure. Many patients report lower anxiety when they receive nitrous throughout their visit. You will also receive local numbing, like you would for a filling or crown. Because you will not be put under any type of sedation, you do not need to have a driver bring you to your appointment. Some people, however, do take comfort in bringing moral support, so having a loved one drive you to and from your appointment is not a bad idea.

Personalized treatment plans.

Before you have your tooth extracted, or maybe years after you had the tooth taken out, you may want to have a game plan for replacement options. Our dentists offer personalized treatment options for each patient so you can work together to determine the best course of action for you. From bridges, to partials, and even dental implants, Pax Dental has the state-of-the-art technology to handle everything in our office. Our dentists will educate, discuss, and answer any questions you may have about the process from extraction to replacement, empowering you to make informed decisions about your dental care.

Ready, Set, Schedule.

Really, we can't wait to meet you! Not sure what you need? Come in for a check-up or for a teeth cleaning. We can take it from there and evaluate what might be the next step in your dental care. You can schedule by phone (301-863-8822) or by our online portal. See you soon!

Blog by: Emma Raphael, Marketing and Communcations Intern

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