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Dental Care 

Preventative Care

We're here to help you ensure your oral health for years to come. Our preventative dentistry services include regular dental cleanings, sealants, and any procedure used to slow and stop tooth decay or other oral diseases in their earliest stages. Our goal is to keep you and your mouth healthy and clean as possible so you can maintain your natural teeth for life.

Cosmetic/Restorative Dentistry

Feeling good when you smile is truly your greatest asset. At Pax dental, cosmetic dentistry by our incredible doctors can offer you a head-turning smile. Sometimes just a few minor changes make all the difference. In other cases, you may want to address several issues. Bring us your concerns, and our doctors can plot the course for your ideal smile. Let's talk!

Special Services

All of these services are done at the Pax Dental Lexington Park office. Our doctors have the right expertise and training to treat these special service. At Pax Dental, we believe in fixing the problem and not just patching the symptom. Our state-of-the-art technology helps us diagnose and treat these underlying conditions. That's why Pax is here to help you!

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