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Lab Made Crowns & Bridges


When you come to Pax Dental for crowns, you can count on the highest level of dental precision. Our doctors digitally scan the tooth that needs a crown, which provides the best 3D detail. 

For the doctors at Pax, crowns need to have strength and longevity, which is why we devote the utmost attention to detail on all of our dental work. Your crown will be secure, natural in appearance and structurally intact.


  • Can be color-matched to your existing teeth

  • Are made from the highest quality materials

  • Can update aging fillings and caps and renew your smile


A dental bridge is one of many options to replace teeth. The doctors at our renowned Lexington Park dental center make beautiful and functional bridges, which look completely natural! We put exacting details into every restoration so you feel confident in your smile. Your bridge will also bring back the integrity of your bite, so you can eat with comfort.

You should discuss your case with our dentists to discover the best course for replacing your tooth. While dental implants are a phenomenon in the dental industry, bridges may be favorable in certain situations.

Bridges are secured by crowns on neighboring teeth. They remain above the gum line, and the force they withstand gets distributed along the bridge and its supporting crowns. Bridges are especially effective if the surrounding teeth need crowns. In that case, the entire bridge and crown restoration brings strength and function back to those teeth.

Lab Made Crowns & Bridges:

When your dentist determines that a dental crown is the best course of action, your procedure may be completed in as little as two visits. Measurements and high quality scans are sent off to our lab to be placed for the next office visit.

How many teeth can be replaced by a bridge?

Our dental bridges often replace 2-4 teeth, and sometimes even more. The exact number of teeth in a bridge really depends on the number of teeth you have left in your mouth. You need supporting teeth on either side of a gap to hold replacement teeth in place with a crown.

Are dental bridges permanent?

Dental bridges are durable and with proper care can last up to 15 years! However, dental bridges are not considered permanent. It’s likely you’ll need to replace it with a new appliance at some point in your life.

What does it feel like getting a dental crown?

Getting a crown is not a painful experience. Plus, when properly crafted and placed, you won’t even notice the crown in your mouth!

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