7 Signs That You Should See Your Dentist in Between Cleanings

Maintaining optimum oral health means daily oral hygiene care at home and visiting your dentist every six months for cleanings and checkups. This allows you to help prevent potential oral issues like tooth decay and gum disease, but it also lets us treat problems while they are least invasive and most economical to resolve. Still, there are times you may... read more »

What Is the Difference Between Crowns, Bridges, and Dental Implants?

If you have damaged or missing teeth in your smile, you may benefit from several options, depending on your needs. We offer several dental restoration options to help you. Today our blog is going to review dental crowns, bridges and dental implants to give you a better idea of what you might be able to do. Dental Crown: Crowns are... read more »

Why Flossing is Key

Do you care about the state of your teeth? Then flossing between each tooth is key. To help you understand why, our team here at Pax Dental in Lexington Park, Maryland, is happy to talk to you about the importance of flossing every single day. When you eat, food particles can easily become stuck in your teeth. Bacteria crawl into... read more »

Cosmetic Dentistry: What Is It?

If you have been searching through dental websites looking for the right dentist, you may have noticed the word “cosmetic dentistry” under various service tabs or floating around in some articles. If you are wondering what cosmetic dentistry is and how Pax Dental can use it to enhance your smile, look no further. Cosmetic dentistry is a new branch of... read more »

Maintaining a Healthy Mouth During Illness

If you’re feeling under the weather, do your body a favor and get some rest. Caring for your body, including your teeth and gums, is the best thing to do right now. Here are a few realistic ways to maintain a healthy mouth during your illness: -Brush and Floss: You may not feel like it doing it, but maintaining your... read more »

Principles Concerning Healthy Food Choices

We all know that there are plenty of foods and substances which are unhealthy for our smile, but what is rarely discussed is that there are plenty of foods that are also healthy for it. Not only can some foods wash away harmful plaque and acids, but some have ingredients that can re-mineralize our tooth enamel. For a better understanding... read more »

Prevent Cavities

Are you interested in keeping tooth decay at bay? If so, you're not alone. Tooth decay is a serious and dangerous dental issue that can destroy teeth and cause extreme amounts of pain. Many people despise tooth decay and do everything they can to prevent it. One way to prevent it is with dental sealants. Dental sealants are wafer-thin, clear... read more »

Is Dental Bonding the Right Tooth Restoration Service for You?

Finding the right tooth restoration service often depends on the needs of your smile. Are you looking to enhance the look of your smile or are you looking to protect your teeth from further damage or both? If you are looking for a fine balance of protection and aesthetics, dental bonding may be the right service for you. Dental bonding... read more »