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Are you aware that dental implants can be used to fill out your facial structure and improve your status in social settings as well as increase your prospects for work? Unfortunately, an incomplete smile is still viewed as a character flaw, but dental implants can remove that stigma and leave you with a better and stronger smile than before tooth loss even occurred.

Your jawbone can weaken and deteriorate over time if it does not have the support of teeth. Dental implants reverse the curse by directly installing into the jawbone for a durable hold that strengthens both the bone and the implant’s hold. With suitable care and avoidance of many of the same potential risks and hazards associated with regular teeth, dental implants can last a lifetime of use.

Dental implants are customized to fit in any spaces where missing teeth have left voids. Sadly, if the gaps left by missing teeth are not filled, they can become havens for plaque and food residue. Missing teeth can also destabilize your gums and potentially cause other nearby teeth to move. With dental implants, your smile can thrive once more.

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