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Waking up in the morning with a toothache or discomfort in the underlying gums can be quite distressing. This is almost always a sign that something has traumatized the root of the tooth or other important structures. In a situation like this, you should not delay in having the tooth examined and treated at Pax Dental.

In the majority of cases, toothache pain is often related to an untreated cavity. It often indicates that bacteria have gained access to the sensitive interior structures of the tooth. If you also feel pain or pressure in the gums, it could be a sign of a dangerous abscess or infection in the root of the tooth.

A root canal is often needed to treat a tooth in this condition. In an extreme case where a large abscess has formed in the gums, Dr. Jenny Hawkins might advocate a total extraction. This will excise any infected tissues to prevent the infection from spreading to your bloodstream.

It’s also possible for a toothache to be the result of a blow to the face or other forms of dental trauma. The traumatic event could have happened a day or two earlier. Most pain occurs within 24 hours after suffering the oral trauma. This can be especially disconcerting if you feel a general numbness in the surrounding gums or a sharp pain when biting down on the tooth.

This typically indicates that some part of the pulp, root or socket of the tooth was damaged. The pain could be structural or the result of latent inflammation. Without timely treatment from Dr. Jenny Hawkins, the problem could escalate.

If you live in the Lexington Park, Maryland area and you’re suffering from toothache pain, you can call 301-863-8822 to seek professional diagnosis and treatment at Pax Dental.