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Tooth enamel is rather tough. In fact, it’s the hardest part of your body and is made from carbonated crystals. But it can still be damaged! This may be the result of a bad habit, such as nervously chewing on objects or using your teeth to open a package. People who have chronic stress can unconsciously grind their teeth at night, which dramatically increases the chance of damaging their enamel.

Even if a damaged tooth doesn’t cause pain, discomfort, or heightened sensitivity in the tooth, you’re still at risk of significant complications. The compromised area of tooth enamel might start to trap plaque and stray bacterial matter. This can stimulate further decay and even infection.

To prevent these problems from afflicting the tooth, it’s important to seek out timely dental care and treatment at Pax Dental in Lexington Park, Maryland. The brutality of the damage to the tooth enamel will establish the method for mending the tooth.

If the chip is small, Dr. Hawkins might be able to patch it up with a simple filling. If a blow to the face causes chips on multiple teeth, we might suggest dental veneers instead.

A large chip or dental fracture that compromises a significant amount of tooth enamel might be in need of a dental crown instead. If the damage expands deep into the pulp or root of the tooth, we might also suggest a root canal.

If you are living in the Lexington Park, Maryland, area and have a chipped tooth, you can call 301-863-8822 to have it examined and treated at Pax Dental today!